Friday, January 4, 2013

Hey peeps I'm back once again! This time I just wanted to show you pics of all the hats I knitted like crazy over the last couple months for presents. There are a few other items too but mostly hats, I am still a beginner at knitting and hats are the easiest for me, especially since I can't for the life of me follow patterns they hurt my brain, so all these things I have knitted were done freestyle, word!

These first three hats are cute lil owl hats that I made for three of my friends babies. I made this one first and took it over to my new neighbor friend's house and gave one to her daughter so I could have a model to make sure they would fit and she looked super cute in it and she loves to wear it all the time! I also made her the lil stuffed owl toy to go with the hat.

Next up are three rad things i made for my son and nephew from Adventure Time (one of the greatest cartoons ever invented!) and Batman. The Batman hat I made for my nephew Alex and I haven't got to see him in it yet so I had Elias model it for me.

The Jake toy and Finn hat from Adventure Time were for  Elias who has great taste in cartoons and I gave them to him for Xmas. He liked them so much he even wore the hat out in public and some dude at Toys r us said his hat was sweet!

I'm sure by now you all know how crazy for the new My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic cartoon my daughter Raven is so of course I had to make her a hat of her favorite pony Pinkie Pie.

And I thought what the hell I will go ahead and make six more hats for all the members of the MLP fan club, so I made a Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and a Derpy hat. Raven took them to school and gave them to all the girls and they loved them! Raven even told me that teachers have asked them where they got their hats and have tried them on and she has gotten requests from some bronies at school to have me make them some.

I made a couple scarves, one for my mommy in law who taught me how to knit and takes me every year on the yarn tour and I have to give her a shout out for getting me into this hobby and turning me into a crazy knitter! We have even talked about getting matching tattoos of a ball of yarn with needles made to look like skull and crossbones that say "knit or die!" That would be awesome maybe someday, and the other scarf I made for my mommy.

And finally after making all these things and giving them away I decided to take a little break from knitting before I went too crazy and had a knit fit, but before I could I decided I had to make myself something too and I made this hat.

Until next time crazy crafters and remember keep on knitting it keeps you from killing people!