Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hey crazy crafters its me again, did you miss me? My new craft for January is in honor of New Years Eve and just any old party in general. You see Jacob bought me Kesha's new album (of his own free will I might add) and I was planning on bringing it with me to my parent's house because we love having dance parties over there, so I had to come up with a craft we could use for our dance parties. So I decided on party masks and hats that we could also use for our New Years Eve party. So thank you Kesha you are finally good for something! Anyway they were super fun and easy to make and I hope you try making some too for your next Kesha dance party!

party masks and hats supplies:
old party hats and masks (the hats I had leftover from birthday parties and the masks I bought at the craft store)
old paper napkins (also leftover from parties)
school glue
glitter glue
glue gun and gluesticks

Step one: First get out your school glue and put a bunch of it in a bowl, then add water (just enough to make it kinda soupy, not too thick and not too runny). Then you take a few of the napkins and rip them into a bunch of pieces (printed napkins are more fun but you can use plain ones if you want too). Then simply use your paintbrush to paint all the napkin pieces onto the mask and hat with your glue water (its like decoupaging). Let them dry overnight.

Step two: Go crazy decorating your mask and hat! We used glitter glue, sequins, feathers, and pom poms, but you can use whatever your heart desires.This was my favorite part, just glue everything on with your hot glue gun, let them dry, and voila they are ready to wear! Raven of course had to make hers look like her favorite My Little Pony Pinkie Pie.

Step three: Put on your new party accessories and I suggest some footsie pajamas, pop in the new Kesha cd, grab some glow sticks and a few drinks, and you are ready for your dance party! Happy New Years everyone, have a drink on me, and see ya next year!!!

P.S. This is my sister's mask by the way, see if you can come up with something better hee hee!

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