Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hey crafters, you get a bonus blog because my daughter decided to have a birthday and turn 13 this month yay! I can't believe I have a teenager now and even more unbelievable is the fact that my 13 year old teenager wanted to have a my little pony friendship is magic birthday party hee hee! It's great though because I'd rather she obsess over my little ponies than boys! So anyway we had trouble finding any pony decorations for the new show, all we could find were the fat, old third gen ponies which scare the crap out of Raven, so of course I had to get creative, its more fun that way! We went with a Pinkie Pie/cupcake theme because she is Raven's favorite pony and cupcakes are Pinkie Pie's favorite dessert. We got pink, yellow, and blue party decorations for Pinkie Pie's colors, we found these in the baby shower section at the dollar store and I love cheap stuff!
 I made the banner with cardboard and old gift bags for the "happy birthday" letters, felt and glitter for the ponies cutie marks, party bows, and some cute cupcake and candy iron on transfers. I glued these all onto a long piece of yarn. It turned out really cute and is still hanging in our living room because I don't want to take it down!
 I took old party hats from past birthday parties and decoupaged them with pink cupcake print napkins, then decorated them with feathers, ribbons, pom poms, and sequins, and added felt and glitter cutie marks for each pony. I also decoupaged and decorated some cute pink cupcake print prizes, and Raven made up a pony jeopardy game online for the guests to play and the winner got to choose a prize.
 We had gourmet cupcakes of course and chocolate milk to drink (Pinkie Pie's favorite drink), and I found my little pony trading cards at the dollar store that I put in treat bags with some candy for cute little party favors. Luckily I was able to find one giant my little pony balloon for the party so we had that, and the guests all wore their my little pony cosplay costumes from halloween (Raven insisted they wear them or she would murder them all hee hee!)
 Oh and of course we had the show playing on the tv the whole time in the background! And last but not least I made Raven a Pinkie Pie birthday card, and to go along with all the my little pony toys, clothes and other stuff she got for presents I made her a Discord hat and picture. She loves Discord, he is her favorite villian and it is very hard to find good Discord merchandise out there.
 Her my little pony collection has grown immensely since xmas and her birthday, I wonder what it will look like after our trip to the my little pony convention this summer, yes we are that big of nerds, so what??!!
 We had an awesome my little pony party even though it was scary and full of teenage girls (poor Elias hid in the corner on the computer all day!) Now that Raven's party is over we found out that Wal-mart will be getting in my little pony friendship is magic party decorations very soon (of course!) but we had so much fun planning this party that it doesn't matter, besides there is always next year! Until next time crazy crafters!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hello crafters!!! This is the month of love so I wanted to make something that I love and makes me happy, and the first thing that came to mind was wiener dogs! I have a crazy obsession with them and hope to one day have one of my own, but for now in our small apartment with two kids, three cats, and a hamster, I will have to settle for a herd of wiener dogs made from old socks.
old socks
fabric scraps
pom poms
googly eyes
hot glue gun

Step one:
First you need some old socks, cute printed ones are the best in my opinion and I have a thing for crazy printed socks. I like to save them when they get holes in them because they are too cute to throw away and I know they will come in handy. Cut the foot off the sock so you have a long tube, the longer the sock the longer the wiener dog, knee socks are a good length. Sew up one end with your needle and thread. Then stuff it with stuffing and sew up the other end too, now you have your wiener dog body, easy peasy!
Step two:
Take some felt and cut two identical wiener dog head pieces, two feet pieces, and a tail. You can draw a pattern on paper first to help you or just wing it like I did. Sew the two head pieces together leaving a small hole to stuff it with stuffing, then sew the hole up. By this point I got tired of sewing because I have CADD (that's crafting attention deficit disorder), so I attached the head, feet, and tail to the body with my hot glue gun. But if you feel like taking your time then by all means sew them on!

Step three:
now time to decorate, my favorite part! Glue on a googly eye and pom pom nose for the face, and a ribbon makes a perfect collar. You can add some rhinestones or sequins to the collar for some pizazz. Just go crazy like I do and use your imagination. I made a hot pink mohawk out of felt and a leopard print collar out of a fabric scrap and put them on a stripey skull and crossbones sock body to make a punk rocker dog. I added feathers and sequins to the ears of some of the dogs to make vegas showgirls. Finally I got really creative with some paint and felt and made Fido Krueger just for kicks.

That's all for now, stay tuned for a special blog post coming up soon for Raven's 13th My Little Pony birthday party and see all the cute things I made for that, and also in May, Jacob and I, and our friends Eric and Jeremy will be having a booth at Crypticon Seattle the horror convention, where I will be selling some of my horror crafts and My Little Pony horror movie zines, so watch out for a blog post on that! Happy Valentine's Day everybody and remember nothing shows how much you love someone more than a herd of wiener dogs!!!