Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hey crafty people out there, I had a great Easter weekend, how about you? It started off on Friday night when Jacob aka big goth daddy Jacob the prince of darkness brought home this giant chocolate gangsta bunny from Wal-mart (or as I like to call it white trash mart) and said we were having an Easter poker tournament with the bunny as the prize for the winner. Nothing says Easter quite like a poker tournament! He got root beer and giant pretzel sticks for the kids because you have to drink beer and smoke cigars when you play poker naturally, and of course I had my Fat Tire and Kettle chips. 
So anyway we had a fun night of poker which I had never really played before and I was awesome at it and was kicking butt. It went late into the night and finally we quit and decided to share the prize. The bunny by the way was called dude bunny and looked like a gangsta with bling and everything, best chocolate bunny ever!
On Saturday Raven ran off to her friend's house to spend the night because the next day on Easter her and her bestie were dressing up like rabbits and having an easter egg hunt for a bunch of little kids. So it was just Elias and I, it was a gorgeous sunny day and we painted eggs out on the porch.

We of course gave them googly eyes and moustaches. We also tried a new craft I read about online where you take water balloons and put chocolate egg candies inside then wrap them with glue covered yarn, let them dry then pop the balloon. You are supposed to get this cool looking yarn egg with a candy inside, but not us! Big mistake, this was my worst crafting disaster ever!

First of all it sucked trying to get the candy into the balloons and blowing them up without popping them. We ended up popping more balloons then we got ones to actually craft with. This made Elias happy though because he kept eating all the candy out of the popped balloons. Then putting the glue soaked yarn onto the balloons was hell, it was very messy and gross, and a huge pain. Elias gave up and I ended up doing that part on my own. We managed to get six done and waited til the next morning to excitedly pop the balloons and see how they turned out. Well when we popped them the yarn kind of imploded into a stupid messy yarn ball. They did not harden and keep their shape at all and was a major crafting bummer. 
We will never do that craft again! That's usually what happens when I try doing a craft that's not something I came up with on my own, I guess I'm not good at following instructions or something. Oh well we still had alot of fun and I got to decorate with some tacky Easter decorations including peeps lights and lego bunnies. 
I also decoupaged some cute Easter decorations and made one of my paper wreaths, this one Easter themed with plastic Easter eggs glued on. I wanted to make a Critters 2 wreath because its my favorite Easter movie but I couldn't because we were out of color ink in our printer to print the Critters pictures I needed. Oh well at least I can still watch the movie! Happy Easter crazy crafters!!!

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