Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm back with the next episode! This is supposed to be April's blog post but I was super busy the last part of the month with Elias' birthday and Raven's spring play and I didn't get a chance to post it. Wow I did alot of crafting in April! I painted Angry Birds party hats and made an Angry Birds banner for Elias' birthday party, and I also made him a hat and card.

 He had a sleepover with a bunch of ten year old boys and it actually wasn't too bad! We got them all sugared up on kid crack (candy, cake, and root beer floats). Jacob made the root beer flavored Angry Birds cake because he is the Cake Boss and I am baking impaired. Surprisingly nobody threw up, but they did stay up all night of course. Luckily they didn't get too rowdy and the downstairs neighbor who is a huge D-bag didn't call the cops.
 I also helped out alot with the spring play, mending costumes and painting saddle shoes. But my favorite part of that was painting the gosling hats and shoes for the teacher's little kids. When they came out on stage in their little gosling costumes it was one of my favorite parts of the play, they were soooo cute! I even got a special thanks in the play's program, so that was pretty cool! And of course Raven's performance of Fern was awesome as usual. She is even famous now she got noticed by someone at the library who recognized her from the play, woo hoo! 
Earlier in the month my crafting mentor mommy-in-law taught me crosstitching and how to knit some really easy slippers. I will call her Pam the Crafting Wizard from now on. Anyhow I have been knitting slippers like crazy, they only take a few hours to make. I made the Rainbow Dash ones for Raven, and I asked Raven what I should make for her friend for her upcoming birthday and she said she loves narwhals, so I had to make her narwhal slippers of course! 
And last but not least I have been crosstitching like crazy, my newest obsession. The cherry one was my very first one I did and I became hooked. I made the seagull one for Pam the Crafting Wizard for an early Mother's Day present to put in her beach themed bathroom, and I made the kids each something. 
I'm also working on some rad horror themed ones to sell at Crypticon but you have to wait and see those ones on my next blog post after Crypticon this month. I can't wait for that, I'm gonna meet Elvira, no big deal, and possibly get her autograph tattooed on me if I can afford it, Yay!!! Anyways gotta go I have lots more crafting to do with Mother's Day and Crypticon coming up this month. Later crazy crafters!

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