Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wow did I have an amazing weekend at Crypticon!!! It was my second year going to the Seattle horror convention and my first year selling my horror crafts at our booth.
And they actually sold yay!!! I was impressed, people actually liked my stuff and I finally made some money doing the thing I love the most! It felt really good. Besides that I got to meet one of my favorite horror icons of all time Elvira the Mistress of the Dark!
She was super nice and she autographed me and my bestie Stephie Poo's arms and we got the autographs tattooed on us, then we got to cut back in line and show Elvira our tattoos and she took pictures of them.

Our tattoo artist, Majenta Monroe, was another awesome person I got to meet there, from the Diamond Tattoo shop in downtown Renton. I wish I had gotten a better picture of her and not just her back.

Not only was she super rad and did an awesome job on my tattoo and I will definetely go back to her for more tattoos, but she also bought my gremlin hat for $20 and said I was selling it too cheap. She said I should make more of them and bring them down to her shop and she would sell them for $40 each, yay!!! So of course I have already started knitting some more and I'm gonna try making some mogwai ones also.

Another one of my favorite parts of the con was going to the Prom of the Dead dance party and costume contest with my Stephie Poo. We didn't have enough time to plan a costume this year but next year we are definetely planning on it. We had a few too many drinks (they were free, can't pass that up!) and danced all night with alot of rad people including Cleeve Hall, a special effects artist for movies like Troll, Ghoulies, and Two-headed Shark Attack.
But enough about what I did at the con, this is supposed to be a crafting blog and I should probably tell you about the crafts I made for Crypticon.
I made these horror barrettes from shrinky dink paper and glued them onto hair clips from the dollar store. They were a popular item and I will definetely make more for the con next year.
Also I'm big into crosstitching right now so I wanted to do a horror crosstitch with the old school "Home Sweet Home" crosstitch letters on it, but instead I did "Murder Sweet Murder" with a Friday the 13th theme, then framed it and splattered it with "blood" paint. this one turned out really cute in a sick and twisted sort of way and was also another popular one there. I plan on making many more of these for next year also.
I also had my Fido Krueger wiener dog made from an old sock and a Kirby Krueger made from a paper plate.
Also my Chucky felt picture (one of the first horror crafts I ever made) and in honor of the director of Troll who was at the con, I made a Galwyn the mushroom softie in a little flower pot. I frickin love that movie!!!
And then of course there was my gremlin hat and I also had copies of my "My Little Pony" horror zine titled "A Bronie's Guide to Halloween and Horror". Every year for the whole month of October I like to watch a different horror movie everyday, and this last Halloween I decided to draw a picture of a My Little Pony to go along with the movie I watched each day. It turned out to be alot of fun and I decided to compile all the pictures into a little zine that turned out pretty rad I think. Eventually I will have them for sale in my Etsy shop.
I won't show you all 31 pictures but here are a few of my favorites from the zine:

Next year I will be doing the same for Halloween but instead of My Little Pony this time I want to do Care Bears with 31 all new horror movies, so stay tuned for that! I'm done rambling on about crafts for now, I'm just super excited about selling my crafts at Crypticon and I can't wait for next years con!!! You should all come check it out too if you love horror movies, it is alot of fun and definetely worth it!


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